Vegan Refreshments

Not Just for the Plant Curious…

With more and more people adopting a vegan lifestyle, Sejuiced has a superb line-up of vegan friendly products to ensure your menu is inclusive. From fresh fruit and veg juices and smoothies, to dairy-free coffees, hot chocolates and shakes made with plant milks and not forgetting frozen desserts and vegan cocktails – we have a full selection of inspired options to help support your health and lifestyle choices whilst protecting the planet.

We use a delicious range of natural ingredients in our recipes including coconut yoghurt, banana based ice cream, date nectar, pea protein and a full selection of high quality plant milks.

Our event menus will always clearly highlight vegan choices as well as any allergens contained within.

What We’re Drinking:
The Ultimate Vegan Thickshake

Heavenly creamy meets dairy-free dreamy with this delicious “have it all” shake. We’ve put a vegan spin on the classic thickshake by combining fresh fruit and veg with rich almond butter and delicious dates to add a caramel hint.

With all the texture and creaminess of a thickshake, but made using wholesome vegan ingredients, this bubbly blend strikes the right balance between being indulgent and nutritious!  For this recipe you’ll need:

One handful of blueberries, fresh or frozen
Half an avocado, stoned and scooped
One banana, sliced
500ml of almond milk (we use the barista version for added thickness)
Two tablespoons of almond butter
A drizzle of date nectar (or a few dried pitted dates)
A pinch of cinnamon

Place all the ingredients in your blender and pour in the almond milk. Blend until smooth and enjoy immediately. If you’d like an even thicker shake, add a few cubes of ice before blending.

Tip: Change up almond milk and almond butter for oat milk and oats, add a dash of vanilla and your choice of toppings to shape your shake your way!

Veganuary shake