Hot Drinks​

Give your guests a warm welcome with Sejuiced´s piping hot drinks service. We create the craft coffee shop experience in the comfort of your own venue, served with flair from your choice of vintage cart or pop-up bar.
Enjoy hassle-free hearty hospitality with us. Whether it’s a single stand or multiple stations that you require, our trusted team takes care of all the finer details for you. Naturally, we use high quality eco-friendly packaging that’s fully compostable. For extra impact, we’ll showcase your visual identity with personalised bar graphics and custom-printed cups that instil brand awareness with every sip. 

Barista Coffee

Catch up with clients and colleagues around the coffee machine whilst our baristas work the caffeine and steam! Whether you like your coffee black, skinny, flavoured or decaf, we´ll deliver your service with no faff. We know our beans: our carefully selected speciality grade coffee is the real deal. Our compact and convenient barista coffee machines require just one standard plug socket and can be positioned flexibly to fit your floorplan.

Hot Chocolate

Our melt-in-the mouth hot chocolate is sure to raise a smile…we’ve been told it’s like a hug from the inside! From the rich chocolatey comfort of our classic cup to festive flavours fully loaded with toppings, our decadent drinks will delight. There’s even a boozy spiked menu and a chocolate chilli combination for those that REALLY like it hot!

Speciality Teas

Our high grade real leaf teas provide an around the world tour. Do you know your Genmai Cha from your Yunnan F.O.P? Discover what makes the Oo in Oolong on your taste adventure with us!

Mulled Wine & Hot Cider

Spice up your events with our festive fruit infusions that pack a mighty punch! Hand-made in small batches in Sejuiced’s kitchen and carefully mulled to perfection, these winter warmers will add some aromatic magic to your special occasion.